Who We Are

               A Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative of the United Way of Bradley County. 

"We are committed to the work of community development- one neighborhood at a time."

Our vision is to see disadvantaged neighborhoods in Cleveland, TN be transformed through physical, social, economic, and spiritual revitalization. We intend to accomplish this by serving as a catalyst to comprehensively and holistically revitalize neighborhoods.

What Does Impact Cleveland Do?

We work closely with the Blythe-Oldfield Community Association (BOCA) to affect change in our target neighborhood. All of our projects or activities correspond with one of our impact areas. 

Our five impact areas are physical revitalization, social revitalization, economic development, neighborhood safety and community empowerment.  

Physical Revitalization

Rehabilitating existing homes, improving the condition of public spaces and developing a community garden.

  • Extreme Energy Makeover Grant
  • Home Repair Projects
  • Blythe Park/playground renovations
  • Blythe Community Garden
  • Neighborhood Clean-ups
  • Public Land Reclamation
  • Public Art Mural

Social Revitalization

Sponsoring community events and promoting activities that help neighbors build positive relationships with each other.

  • Spring Fling
  • Blythe Summer Splash
  • Fall Fright Fest
  • Blythe Family Christmas Party
  • Harvest Party
  • Movie Nights
  • Planting Party

Economic Development

Connecting neighborhood residents to viable employment opportunities by collaborating with community partners. 

  • Career Connection Class
  • Business Needs Assessments
  • Facade Improvements

Neighborhood Safety

Enhancing communication with the police and fire departments and helping residents establish and maintain a neighborhood watch program.

  • Hosting neighborhood watch meetings with BOCA
  • Conducting community needs assessments survey
  • Improving relationships between residents and law enforcement

Community Empowerment

Strengthening the existing community association in terms of participation, frequency of meeting and effectiveness in achieving goals. 

  • Hosting the Blythe Oldfield Community Association meeting
  • Offering guidance and leadership to community resource
  • Helping residents achieve their dreams through facilitation of related projects 

What Do We Stand For?

Impact Cleveland is committed to the work of community development in Cleveland, TN.

What makes us distinct is our commitment to the following:


Like the famous African proverb, “it takes a village to raise a child”, we believe that we can achieve more when in partnership with others. We are committed to maximizing our impact by bringing together as many like-minded people, groups, and organizations to strategically invest in the community we serve.


We are aiming to address community needs in new and transformative ways. We recognize that there are many great organizations already serving in our context (Cleveland/Bradley County), but our unique aim is to comprehensively and holistically address issues in “one neighborhood at a time”.

Social & Economic Justice

Over the course of history, every generation has struggled to share the blessings of liberty, freedom, equality, and justice with all members of society. Impact Cleveland is committed to working in neighborhoods of the highest degree of poverty to give residents new opportunities to reach their highest potential.

Listening to the Community

Because we are seeking to help facilitate “resident-led” change, we will only be successful as we help give voice to the people of our neighborhood. We will communicate with residents dialogically – recognizing that they are ultimately the key to the revitalization process.

Data-Driven Decisions

We live in an age of metrics. Measuring benchmarks are important to us for several reasons: 

-We want to track our progress toward achieving the vision.

-We want to focus our attention on what matters most. 

-We will only be sustainable as an organization if we can show that we are truly impacting the community.