Physical Revitalization 


What We Do

Impact Cleveland coordinates with partner agencies to strategically invest in revitalizing the existing housing stock and overall physical well-being target neighborhood. This also includes the development of a community garden and improvements to the playground/park.


What We Hope To Accomplish

We will measure our success in physically revitalizing the area through visual documentation of before and after improvements, as well as positive success stories from neighborhood residents an improvement in neighborhood housing stock. We want to see safer and more energy-efficient housing in the neighborhood, we want to make sure people are proud of their homes!

(Check out our photos here on the right. The top is a before picture of a problem lot in our area. The bottom picture is the lot after we cleaned it up!)


Our Ongoing Projects

TVA - Extreme Energy Makeover

Impact Cleveland, with the help of the United Way, the City of Cleveland, the Cleveland Housing Authority and others, is proud to announce that we are the recipients of a $3.75 million dollar Extreme Energy Makeover grant! Starting April 2016, we will be helping to make homes in low-income communities more energy efficient! (Click on the photo to be taken to our Extreme Energy Makeover Web page to learn more).

Home Repair

Impact Cleveland partners with Habitat for Humanity and Ocoee Outreach to make physical revitalization and housing rehabilitation a reality in the Blythe Oldfield community. Just last year in 2015, we completed 34 home repair projects in that one year alone!


Community Garden

We are currently working alongside the Blythe Oldfield Community Association to help renovate and establish a community garden in the area! The garden will be open to all community members to grow and harvest fresh fruits and veggies for all to enjoy!


Blythe Park

We will be working with the city of Cleveland, the George R. Johnson Foundation, the Jackson family, and the United Way to completely renovate the old playground area at the Blythe Family Support Center. We hope that this becomes an official "city park" later this year, and more of a destination place for youth and families of our community to enjoy in the near future. We expect work to begin this spring!