Neighborhood Safety

Purpose of Neighborhood Watch

When Impact Cleveland first conducted our Needs Assessment Survey in March 2014, we found that many residents reported that they did not feel safe in this neighborhood. Partnering with the Blythe Oldfield Community Association, Impact Cleveland has helped residents create and enhance communication with the Cleveland Police and Fire Departments, the Bradley County Sheriff’s office and Juvenile Justice Center.


Impact Cleveland has also assisted residents in establishing the most active Neighborhood Watch program in the city. 

With the city's support- Neighborhood Watch signs have been installed, stop signs and street lights have been installed, and we are increasingly hearing reports that neighbors feel safer than they did here 2+ years ago. 

"Getting to Know Each Other Again for a Safer Community."- Kim Marshall, Head of the Neighborhood Watch

How We Measure Safety Success

We plan to measure our success in this "Impact area" in two key ways:

  1. By watching rates of violent crime, drug-activity, gang-related activity, and non-violent crimes decrease over the next 3-5 years.
  2. By observing improvements in the resident's  perception of neighborhood safety as indicated in future Needs Assessment Surveys.


Partnerships with Local Law Enforcement

We want to build relationships between community residents and local law enforcement. We've seen increased communication between the two entities and had increased attendance of BOCA and Neighborhood Watch meetings by the constable, city police officers, and codes enforcement officers in 2015. Thanks for your support of our community and your sacrifice for the safety of everyone!


Want to Get Involved?

Come to our Neighborhood Watch Meetings, located in the conference room of the old Blythe Elementary School, located at 1075 Blythe Avenue, on the last Monday of every month at 6:00 P.M. Share concerns, learn tips and tricks of the Neighborhood Watch, and meet your local police officers.