Who We Are
Complex and deeply entrenched social problems can be daunting to address for one person. The skill set required to tackle these issues surpasses the abilities of one individual. Residents and local organizations collaborate to address a wide variety of these issues, working with many different partners to effect change in this area and provide the best quality of programs and services to improve the quality of life within our community.

Community Empowerment...
Impact Cleveland couldn't achieve anything without the vision, passion, and dedication of the Blythe Oldfield community residents. This amazing group of people has used their compassion for one another and abilities to pave the way for neighborhood revitalization. To meet this incredible group of people, attend a Blythe Oldfield Community Association meeting at 6 PM on the first Thursday of every month at 1075 Blythe Ave SE.

Continuing the Vision...
Impact Cleveland and Blythe Oldfield have been working together for over two years. We want to see our neighborhood completely revitalized, and the EEM project is a huge step in our overall vision. Along with TVA, Cleveland Utilities, the City of Cleveland, the Cleveland Housing Authority, CLEAResult, and the Blythe Oldfield Community Association, we will be providing whole home energy improvements to 300 homes over the next 18 months.

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